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Chalk Heath Players, the local amateur dramatics society, are mid-rehearsal when tragedy strikes.  The leading lady is found unconscious on the side of the stage.  She's been badly injured: it's clearly not an accident.

Gentle giant DI Paul Ambrose is sent to investigate.  He meets up with red-haired DS Samuel Winters and two young recruits, PC Sutton and WPC Meadows, to investigte the crime.  Which of the Players has a grudge against the victim?  Or could someone have sneaked into the Theatre, without being seen? Will Gary Sutton let his personal life affect his work and how will Pauline Meadows cope in a very male world?

Set in 1958, long before 'political correctness', modern forensics or PACE police standards, in a time of change.  An era when men wore hats and ladies' skirts covered their knees.  But murderers exist even in this age of innocence.

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